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Ted Ciuba, author, points to chapter 2 in The New Think and Grow Rich

It all runs together… The premise of everything we offer can be summed up in the 3 M's of marketing, motivational, and mystical training to jump start your incredible capacities to decide, design, and almost magically achieve the success you desire.

My name is Ted Ciuba, owner-operator of this site, and I'm here to bring you the very best in marketing and mindset.

I remind you… It’s the mystic dimension that leads you to the fascinating Quantum Leap you seek.

What do I mean by the mystic dimension? Adepts of the human mind speak of the primacy of mind. They say we all can learn to harness the flow of energies from the intangible realm of thought and intention to the physical realm, in whatever manifestation the mind behind the hand prefers. This includes, but is more than just knowledge and enthusiasm, essential as they are.

The process, as Napoleon Hill succinctly states it, is that of “transmuting intangible desire into its physical equivalent.” The motive cause in this equation is thinking.



Everything you achieve, or don’t achieve, starts first in your mind. Henry Ford’s oft quoted wisdom goes, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

Quantum physicists, in terms that satisfy the evolving human mind of today, assure us, “The observer affects the observed.”

But if it was so easy, everyone would have found the secret by now, and we'd all be happy, healthy, rich, and wise. But, as the line to the popular song goes, "I look around me, and I see it isn't so…"

Think Rich offers some special experiences, insights, and tools to make it happen for you, however…

How does it work? Realize that getting rich, which we define as achieving your heart’s desire, whatever that is, is an effect. Thinking is cause. Getting rich is an effect of the thinking you do. That thinking guides the actions you take. The riches that flow back, are a result.

In other words, you really do have to think rich to get rich.

What you plant in your visions, attitudes, beliefs, and actions today are seeds, the fruit of which you shall surely reap, bitter or sweet, as fruit in proper season.

We’re dedicated to helping you make it happen, on the internet and in life.

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