The New Think And Grow Rich – Quantum Version by Ted Ciuba

“Discover Quantum mind-set secrets to make an explosive, permanent leap in your personal or business income!”



Think & Grow Rich

Revised Edition


Ted Ciuba

“The Greatest Motivational & Personal
Development Book In The World Just Got Better!”

Hi Friend,

If you are an entrepreneur, author, speaker, expert, coach or consultant, professional or small business owner, this could be one of the most important days in your life.

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While it sounds incredulous to those stuck in yesterday’s struggle world, you can cause a quantum leap in your income and profits, while working less – a lot less. A quantum leap is a phenomenon of Nature in which one makes explosive performance and income gains without passing through all the incremental steps between.

Ted Ciuba

My name is Ted Ciuba, and I’m the world’s leading Quantum Business Acceleration coach. Not only have I earned millions myself, and coached and opened opportunity to million dollar performers, for years I’ve been teaching and coaching people to make huge money, fast on the Internet. The “Internet Challenge” I issued as original founder of World Internet Summit is legendary, with ordinary people in live on-stage case studies earning a year’s income within 72 hours.

I developed a proprietary 8 pillar Quantum Business Acceleration system that brought me this global success and esteem, and I crafted The New Think And Grow Rich as a treatment the first pillar of that system, something entirely overlooked by most coaches and consultants, mind-set.

The New Think And Grow Rich is a pre-cursor to understanding and working with Quantum Business Acceleration.

Mind-set training is absolutely essential – and high stakes sports training acknowledges this fact. Could business be any different? Most people in business are floundering around – because they never get it right on this  informing basic principle.

Those who do not learn the strategic projection of mind-set are like people who forget about love as the reason for a marriage – getting all caught up in other things. A marriage without love is not a marriage.

A business entrepreneur who doesn’t have the science of strategic, multidimensional mind-set as the first pillar in their business system can never do more than survive in the marketplace.

 And now I’ve put that mind-set training into The New Think And Grow Rich in a manner that makes this vital training available and beneficial to anybody.

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Awake To The Message!

The ringing message of The New Think And Grow Rich can succinctly be summed up as:

  1. We are each capable of immense achievement and quantum income leap$
  2.  There is learnable process to tap into, unleash, and direct these powers in such a manner as to cause a quantum leap
  3. The first, informing, and determining aspect of the results you achieve originate in your subconscious – therefore reprogramming your subconscious is essential

As one reader puts it, “This is not just a new book, it’s a new paradigm, a new way of looking at the world!” – Oscar Smith

I would say… While it’s distinctly modern, it’s the times you must join or fall behind! Join the techno-multi-touch new reality!

 The Differences Between The Original And The New Think And Grow Rich

Take the good, eliminate the distracting…

Yep, the uncomfortable “isms of an antique age” have been eliminated. You no longer have to be “white” “American” “male” to achieve success… Thus the language, quotes, examples, stories, and case studies include – while maintaining much of the familiar work – women, other races and nationalities, other countries, and modern examples.

This surely makes the book more relevant to young people, who need it most!

Add in the better, a dose of “HoloMagic”

No, this is decidedly NOT just another convenient rehash of the public domain success classic, Think and Grow Rich.

And while it is a book in the same lineage, it is NOT the same book.

Remember, 50% of the research that went into Think And Grow Rich was already finished the black & white day the United States entered World War I. And America’s most famous aviator of that war was Capt Eddie Rickenbacker, who flew an open cockpit bi-wing plane!

Sure, though the laws of aerodynamics that allowed the Wright brothers to finally solve the flight problem are still in play, you can’t compare the earlier planes with today’s jets and inter galactic spacecraft. Huge advances have not been limited to the field of aerodynamics. Or aerodynamics, medicine, and communications.

Certainly, modern advances in neuro-science, motivation, achievement, hypnosis, NLP, Quantum science, HoloMagic, and spirituality make it easier and more on target to grasp and trigger the Quantum Income Leap, and have been included…

Welcome to a complete, sensitive rewrite and empowerment of The NEW Think and Grow Rich!

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Your for a fruitful life of prosperity!

Ted Ciuba
World’s Leading Quantum Business Acceleration Coach
America’s Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant
Author bestselling The NEW Think And Grow Rich
World’s TOP Think and Grow Rich Expert
Original founder World Internet Summit

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