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If you’d like to make money offering products of high value that benefit others

The Think Rich family of affiliate programs has several products for you.

It’s easy to start selling, all you have to do is register, then begin promoting the product(s). On most products we offer a generous 33% commission – which is immediately bumped up to 50% commission once the affiliate makes 10 sales. 

There’s written terms of service, of course, but essentially the only don’ts are: no spamming and no self-referring.

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If you’ve joined, this serves as a “Congratulations and welcome!” to the Think Rich / Quantumnetics family of affiliate programs, where you can make money making an honest difference in the lives of those you sell to.g-tntagrqv-audio-blue-300w

If you haven’t received Affiliate Approval yet, you won’t actually be able to log in, but approvals generally happen quickly, so hang in there.


When the email arrives, KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE. It has all your login info.

When you login to the Affiliate dashboard you’ll find several different products you can promote as well as links, ads, and banners you can use.

Use the login ID and password you receive in your Affiliate Approval email.

We put together a short video to orient you to the affiliate dashboard, the products you can promote, as well as links, ads, and banners.




We suggest you consider offering the following products… When you get a click through on your affiliate link, the user’s machine is cookied, and thereafter, you’ll get credit for whatever programs they purchase.


Quantum Mind Training

Quickly and easily cause an authentic, lasting, quantum leap in your achievement power. This cutting-edge neural repatterning system – unlike anything else in the entire world – induces structural brain changes, reprogramming the neural circuits of your subconscious mind. Technology so advanced it is patented.


The New Think And Grow Rich Audio

The New Think & Grow Rich in audio. Read by the author, Ted Ciuba. How it’s really supposed to sound: Hear it, get it, build your wealth.


Major Media Citations

A way any legitimate person, business, or product can greatly increase visibility, credibility, and credentials. Guaranteed placement in major media, for a fraction of what traditional publicity firms charge for the same service.


AutoPilot Riches eCommerce System

The standard in an integrated ecommerce system for internet merchants. Includes everything you’d expect – smart autoresponders, shopping cart, broadcast, even your own affiliate program.


Check back, more products are in the works as we speak, and will be posted here when they become available.

In the meantime, for more details on this program, check out our sites, or contact us using the contact form at http://ThinkRich.com/contact or at +1-615-662-3169.


Thank you for expressing your interest and taking the first step for your continued success!


We’re looking forward to great things together!


Yours truly,


  Ted Ciuba
Affiliate Administrator
Quantumnetics International Inc


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