As an achiever, wouldn’t you agree with me you've got to go the extra mile to achieve the success you want? There isn't any real choice about that.

You distance yourself from your competitors when you're in that extra mile zone, because so few people are there, yet, it's only a mile!

We're talking about the extra mile here, not the extra “100 miles”.

Then we invoke Roger Bannister, because he's such an example to us about the extra mile. He is the athlete who, 6 May 1954, broke the four-minute-mile barrier.

How did he do it? Well of course, you can imagine that a person going after something like that had to go into training, can't you?

But as for training?     

Well, Roger was a medical student, pre-med—neurobiology at Oxford University. He didn't have much time. He took thirty minutes of his lunch hour in the months leading up to the big event and practiced running. That's all. He had to save the rest to cool off, shower, eat, and make a couple phone calls…

It wasn’t enough, all sports training wisdom said. Yet with that Roger Bannister broke a record that had stood for millennia.

He redefined what was possible. Prior to him, nobody had ever done it. Two and a half years later, already 16 people were doing it, and it's pretty much a qualifier today.

We see that with such small efforts in that extra mile zone—Roger was taking thirty minutes at lunch—you can accomplish incredible things.

See, you've got to go the extra mile. You can even do this on your lunch hour, too.

Also includes:

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  • The Universe Responds To Your Definite Intentions
  • True, Money Doesn't Solve Every Problem
  • You'll Either Have Discipline Or Regrets
  • And more…

Go ahead. Defy reality. Re-define possibility. What colossal gains you can make!

This volume, like all volumes in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions sharing the insights and motivation to help you defy your status quo and redefine your personal possibility.