One way to acquire an instant boost and focus during your walk down the pathway to success is to establish environmental empowerment signals to remind you of your goals and intentions.

Empowerment signals can give you that boost, give you that focus, and actually are a contributing part of you winning this game of life. And it all happens with getting conscious, being sensitive, designing things.

As I was recording the audio I transcribed this article from, I was listening to a distant airplane. Now, I couldn't see it. However, airplanes are an empowerment symbol in my life, and I certainly recommend you adopt your own. Environmental things are pretty good, because they're always there.

And so for me, an empowerment signal is a signal that helps me stop, take a deep breath, focus, know that I'm on top of my game—and move forward again with a renewed energy. It's not too bad to have something like that. Airplanes do that for me.

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I can't even see this one; it's a foggy day. However, as I record this, it just went across the sky. I can still hear it. And of course, there are other things going on in the environment, but all of us live in a multi-sensory opportunity. Instantly, I'm feeling on top of my game.

This is the reason why we talk about choosing empowerment signals.

This volume, like all volumes in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions sharing the insights and motivation to help you defy your status quo and redefine personal possibility.