It was the change of the millennium, 31 December 31 1999 combined with and reaching over to 1 January 2000. I was about 100 miles east of Bogotá, Colombia, in the Andes Mountains, on the side of a mountain.

I've often wondered how many careers were destroyed—or should've been.

If you remember back then we were involved in the Y2K mania/pandemonium. We were frightened ablazes to death that security systems weren't going to work, that airplanes would lose their navigation systems mid-flight, and that Star Wars was going to KABOOM! And that even our personal laptops wouldn't work.

Like all good Latinos, we, of course, celebrated well and brought in the New Year.

And in the morning, I woke about 7 am when my eyes popped open. I go to the front porch where the mountain Eastern sun is shining in full glory. There's a chair I sit myself down in and – I'm in flow! Very cool location, after all, on a pretty cool day… And I'm writing a little poetry to my beloved – who I'm there with!…

And my laptop's working perfectly fine. Hmmm…

There is no radio at that remote distance, no internet, no cell service…

We didn't know if the rest of the world existed or not. Of course I had my suspicions it did, though I wasn't to find out for sure until we got back on the road and in touch with radio signals.

Wow, okay, so we go from writing poetry to crashing 747s all in the same change of the year, all in the same threat.

Interesting how we humans can exaggerate what we focus on and we can manipulate, and "hypulate" something we want to sell.

You know what? It was the same exaggerated mania they had at the last millennium. Imagine that!

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Learn to use your discrimination… You don't have to buy into what those with an agenda want you to buy into.

Critical thinking will go a long way to aid you. Start asking more questions today… More "what if?" questions…

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