Few people know what it took Roger Bannister, the first person to break the four minute mile – the sub-four minute mile. They know he defied all wisdom and tradition in doing it, and he changed the course of achievement history in doing it.

They don't know after he placed fifth in the Olympics in 1952 he was crushed.

They don't know he hurt on that, and they don't know it was at that moment he put his intention out to run the impossible to run sub-four minute mile.

They don't know he trained for it in 30 minutes of his daily lunch hour as a busy pre-med neurobiology Oxford University student.

They don't know he was preparing for that, training for that, living that, eating that, breathing that, laying to sleep and bouncing to feet with that… They don’t know it was his definite chief aim in life, with a fuse on it.

They seem to think he just drifted across that incredible finish line into the annals of history.

They don’t know that day he did it he called it – he told his pacemaker, “The sub four minute attempt is on.”

Now you know. When he was crushed by a lesser goal.

What does this mean to you?

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