Your daily dedicated effort is what propels you to the big time. It’s your daily passion in what you are doing that drives you to put in more than anybody else would do, that drives you to do the things that others flat will not and do not do. That orients you not only to do them and not to suffer, but also to gear passionately in doing them passionately well.

For instance, if you’re a swimmer, you’re up at 5:30 am. And that’s not waking up; that’s you’re at the pool laughing and jostling with your buddies, joking about other people who won’t make it up until a couple hours later, after you’ve been stroking the pool for ninety solid minutes. That’s in addition to the technique specific practice you did.

Then you went to work and school feeling fit, trim, vital, and energized.

And you’re performing alongside others who had to drag themselves out of bed.

So that you turn into an achiever is not surprising. Other people say, “Are you kidding me?!” These are the ones who show up once to that morning practice and swear, “I’m not going to screw up my life for this!”

You, of course, don’t view it as screwing up your life. You embrace good solid sleeping patterns. You willingly moderate your activities, as, for instance, when you do imbibe, you do so in moderation. Neither drinking, nor drinking to excess are part of your life style. And you’re feeling good at 5:30 in the morning.

There’s a distinct inversion of attitudes from what could be and what you willingly embrace.

A few more training session titles inside include…

  • Napoleon Hill On The Best Profession For Big Success
  • A Connect-The-Dots Story With You As Lead Character
  • What Blossoms Into World-Class Excellence In Your Own Backyard
  • What Is Today A Programming Statement
  • The Problem With Setting Your Sights Too High
  • And there’s more!…

Added up, these different attitudes, approaches, and activities make you exceptional.

This volume, like all volumes in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions sharing the insights and motivation to help you defy your status quo and redefine personal possibility.