At a certain enterprise management showed up early Friday morning and told 200 employees their services were no longer needed.  "Oh, sorry your retirement plan will be screwed up. Oh, you didn't get vested, and I'm sorry about a few other things. And, you know, your pay stops as of 5 pm today…"

In my empowerment coaching, the biggest thing I run against is the outcry for security; the need for benefits.

Why don't you ask these suddenly unemployed individuals about "security". That security is an illusion. It's something they sold you on, and something you have bought into!  Selling your soul for security doesn't offer any security, either.

Sure, there is risk in everything. The trick is in choosing the right set of risks – Let the whiners and the wannabes take the risks of the company they work for not needing them any longer, maybe at a crucial time… Always great on a Friday…

Also includes:

  • Bullish Now
  • It's All About Getting The Edge
  • Panama John Had It Coming
  • The Most Amazing Piece Of Paper
  • Trading Away Everything For Instant Gratification
  • And more…

If it worked, you might have a case for it. But selling your soul for security doesn't offer any security, either. Don’t sell your soul for security. Choose the rewards you would like to have, and go after them!

This volume, like all volumes in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions sharing the insights and motivation to help you defy your status quo and redefine your personal possibility.