There's a blur between what is possible and what is impossible… And what is impossible to a lot of people is very possible to others. I'm often reminded of one of the seemingly humorous statements John Lennon made.

As you know, John Lennon became a multi-millionaire in the music business. He delivered tremendous value to this Earth, so he certainly deserved every single bit of that fame and fortune.

John Lennon once justified himself by saying, "Look, we can make money other ways than music, too. See, Yoko Ono and I have proven that, because we've got a dairy farm that's profitable."

Proving that you can make money a different way than music is interesting, when most people say it's impossible to make money in music.

There's a blur between the possible and impossible, and, truth is, we don't know what is and is not possible.

I once saw Mick Jagger pull into the Port of Panamá. At least that's what  the scuttlebutt was. He was supposed to be there, and I did see the huge, huge yacht. It even had a helicopter on top.

Imagine that! Once, once, Mick was just another little boy who decided he would form a band, decided he would be rich and famous in rock and roll.

There are magical differences between those who make it and those who don't. And it has to do more with belief than with ability.

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There's a blur between the impossible and the possible, and there's a manner in which you position yourself to make real your great dreams and ambitions.

This volume, like all volumes in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions sharing the insights and motivation to help you defy your status quo and redefine your personal possibility.