Many have bought into a half-truth regarding the Law of Attraction. It's not their fault, because it’s been promoted by quick-buck artists as “the secret,” but it is a half-truth.

There’s another operative law, the Law of Action. More accurately, the Law of Action triggers the Law of Attraction. In fact, the Law of Attraction can be considered a result of the actions we take, we impulse.

  • An electromagnet doesn't always have powers of magnetism. It's only when you charge the current, and pass it through it in a certain way, that the magnet attracts.
  • When you are ACTIVE, and you send a message OUT, that's when you attract.

It's the same with achievement, with empowerment, with self-fulfillment, with actualization.

There are two things here, the self-fulfilling prophecy and the Law of Attraction. Both of those are results, they're both results of the Law of Action, from the action you take. And not just the action you take, but the quantity, quality, and duration of the action you take.

Those who understand a bit about quantum physics, about the way the world really is, understand there is an electricity, with its magnetism generated in everything in creation, in every thought we have, in every deed. We are interconnected in the holoverse by being the holoverse. The brain is electrical, with neurotransmitters and receivers.

Acting is acting. So is thinking in this holomagic inter-dimensional world. Either one of these acts are sufficient to serve as the electro-magnetic stimulus which returns, like all wave phenomena, back on the same wavelength from which it originally transmitted out.

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When you understand what's going on, the real miracle is not in the Law of Attraction at all, but in another, shunned side of Nature. It’s supposed to be a strategic tool for you; avoid it at your own peril… It's the Law of Action which triggers the Law of Attraction.

This volume, like all volumes in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions sharing the insights and motivation to help you defy your status quo and redefine personal possibility.