We don’t know what our allotted time is. We do know, at the end of our days, we can leave a legacy or we can just have skated by. Straight from ancient Egypt, Thutmose III gives you a simple triple trinity affirmation of immense power to assist you in doing what you need to do to make a contribution.

This volume, like all books in the Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series is a collection of short, focused, intense, intended training sessions to help you defy the status quo and redefine personal possibility.

It’s 16 September 1987. I’m here with Thutmose and – while “praying” may not be the right word – I am in sync emotionally and spiritually. I am asking with an open heart, “How do I make my largest contribution? How do I do it? I know what I want to do.”

I am out in front of the statute looking up, admiring, entering into it, talking, connecting. And then all of a sudden I am lifted into the air, a blinding light mystically burns behind me, ions change, and a powerful wind sweeps in… We become one, there’s a mist that engulfs us, it connects us, surrounds us, infills me and it’s like there’s one mind, one spirit and one heart in ours.

Then the spirit assumes neuromuscular control, erects, and I’m seemingly shoved to the side in the presence of that high voltage energy, holding on to the inside of my body for dear life as that being mute 3,500 years speaks and words form through my vessel, my body. I hear Thutmose’ voice in deep waves rolling through every dimension…

“Use my time! Use my time! USE my time!!”

Three times three. The triple trinity. It is done.

I believe these words were meant for you.

There's a magic significance that, should you choose to hear it, can charge your entire life.

To whet your appetite, here's a few more training session titles inside…

  • It's Not How Much Something Costs
  • Take Charge – Change
  • Beyond The Measure Of Dollars And Cents
  • When The New Ways Are Not Yet Known
  • Intervene At The Lowest Level of Risk