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Ted Ciuba, identified as the “Napoleon Hill of the Modern Age” by Mentors Magazine features a unique interdisciplinary approach that includes marketing, motivation, and mysticism.

Put simply, Ted brings his penetrating mind and wide experience to help every willing person be, do, and have more.

While it sounds incredulous to those stuck in yesterday’s struggle mindset, you can cause a quantum leap in your  income and profits, while working less – a lot less – and dramatically  upping both your personal satisfactions in life and your contributions to the world at the same time.

An author, a salThe New Think And Grow Rich, Revised Edition by Ted Ciubaes & marketing ace, a former professor of business communications at California State University, Ted Ciuba reminds us a quantum leap is a phenomenon of Nature in which one makes explosive, permanent performance and income gains without passing through all the incremental steps in-between.

Not only has he earned millions himself, he regularly coaches and opens opportunity to million dollar performers.

For years he’s been teaching, training, and coaching ordinary people to make huge money, fast, on the Internet.

 The “Internet Challenge” he issued as original founder of World Internet Summit http://TheWorldInternetSummit.com – is legendary, with ordinary people in live on-stage case studies earning $28,240, $34, 866, $50,267 and beyond within 72 hours from startup.

The proprietary 8 pillar Quantum Business Acceleration system he developed takes entrepreneurial businesses straight to the gold medal of business income.

His crafting of The New Think And Grow Rich (a radical modernization and quantum empowerment of Napoleon Hill’s monumental success classic, Think & Grow Rich) serves as a treatment of the first pillar of that system – something entirely overlooked by ordinary coaches and consultants, mind-set empowered with quantum physics and neuroscience.

It’s natural to Ted. He affirms, “Mind-set is absolutely essential. NASA does extensive mental training for astronauts, and high stakes Olympic sports training is imbued with this competitive and performance science. Could business be any different??”

101 Success Secrets by Ted CiubaTed Ciuba simplifies the message of that landmark book, The New Think And Grow Rich, and his teaching, consulting, and coaching as:

  1. We are each capable of immense achievement and quantum income leap$
  2. There is a learnable process to tap into, unleash, and direct these powers in such a manner as to cause a quantum leapThe Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series by Dr. Ted Ciuba
  3. The first, informing, and determining aspect of the results you achieve originate in your subconscious – therefore that’s were you must start

He’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, in Fast Company, San Francisco Chronicle, Mentor’s Magazine, Self Growth and dozens other TV, print, internet, or radio venues, and has shared the stage or co-written with the likes of Bob Proctor – star of the The Secret, Donald Trump, Jay Abraham, Marshall Sylver, Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Ron LeGrand, Armand Morin, Stan Harris, Nik Halik, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Loral Langemeir, Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield – co-authors of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series, Robert Allen, Les Brown, John Assaraf, and Brian Tracy.

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