http://BigBriefMoments.com 4 more! Irony! Here I stand, a peace loving man, untrained in any fighting techniques, taking on a brutish man.

A woman's involved.

Easter Rant Against Insensitive Men

Look at how she's decked herself out! You can imagine the joy she felt preparing herself, and imagining the loving appreciative words and admirations she would receive.

There's an unseen form of bullying… Which robs many couples and many persons, victims and perpetraters alike of the fulfillment and joy that could be theirs…

As simple as it can get:

1. Everyone knows the difference between wholesomeness & whoreness
2. Woman's nature is to adorn herself, to be attractive
3. It doesn't require forcible rape to violate a woman

Easter Rant Against Insensitive Men

Know that I, for one, will use my forces of energy and education to enlighten YOU, if that's possible.

If not, to expose you, and to help your woman heal so she can find a real man.

Someone with human understanding and decency… Someone who's a builder-upper. Someone who can appreciate your worthy woman, and express love and gratitude to her for the special person she is and the special things she does.

That's the way it looks from here,

   Dr Ted Ciuba aka "Panamá Ted"