You cannot say The New Think And Grow Rich is about anything other than transmutation. It’s very clear, it’s announced time after time. It treats of the transmutation of thoughts, desires, and intangible impulses into material form, into physical, spendable money. It’s talking about the intercontrovertibility between energy and matter. Between the spirit worlds and the mundane. Both worlds are ours. This is a manual which teaches you how to use that phenomenon, which is, more correctly stated, quantum transmutation.

All you must do is develop a strong, defined desire and these states of mind and you can convert that impulse of thought, that energy, into situation, circumstance, a life of contribution, the property you own, your investments, opportunities for the kids, and more…Speaking of which…

What special things do you do with your kids? Do you take them across the world and give them a good schooling? Whatever fulfillment means to you, you get it by harnessing that holomagic c2 factor.

It starts with desire. And there’s something between desire and manifestation, desire and actualization or realization. That is what –

  • We interrupt this conversation with a visit from Albert Einstein. Einstein is the one who defined it in his breakthrough formula discovered in the dawning days of quantum physics. He speaks it in scientific form as:

E = mc2

And then follows it up for the lay person with,

“And this energy is equal to mass multiplied
with the square of the velocity of light.”

That is what that holomagic c2 factor is. That holomagic c2 factor is the crux of this entire philosophy: taking an energy impulse that has to be stepped millions of times, moving through the equals sign, then, when it gets over to the other side, it’s now money, circumstances, situations, a way of life, a business.

That’s the element, that c2, which transmutes what comes from the quantum, spiritual realm into the mundane. From the unformed, desire is manifested into matter. That’s what that holomagic c2 factor does.

We offer you a practical training system to discover how to consciously use that transmutative element, that element that is the catalyst, that element that facilitates the controvertibly between matter and energy, energy and matter.

Start with energy, step it up invoknowing with the speed of light squared, enjoy the result. That is exactly what we’re talking about. That’s quantum transmutation.

Oh, and one last thing, don’t let outdated preconceived notions, something like the word “magic,” stir any biases or defenses. If you think so, then let’s go to Magic Kingdom, okay?

You’re dealing with that vast 90% realm of mind most people and conventional education don’t even address. Things like the subconscious Things like knowing what neuroscience can do for you – more correctly said, what you can do with it. Things like connecting with a spiritual life. Things like recognizing you are Life Force expressing, and you have the ability to qualify that energy as you will, and that the way to move something from the seemingly intangible energy of desire into material matter – money, event, and circumstance – is to step it up by that holomagic c2 factor.


Einstein On That HoloMagic c2 Factor  by Ted Ciuba,

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