One of the things I talk about when I talk about the modernization and empowerment of the original Think and Grow Rich into The NEW Think And Grow Rich is neuroscience. Literally, other than updating it, bringing in women, other races and nationalities, and modern examples, quotes, stories and case studies, the most significant thing was incorporating the advances that have been made in science and technology.

Especially since the mid-1980’s, we’ve learned more about how the brain works and how to work it than we learned in the previous 50,000 years of what we call human existence put together!

And why is neuroscience so important to this philosophy? Well, consider this… The human brain actually consists of three brains, each added in distinct epochs of mammalian development. There’s the reptile brain, the middle brain, and the neocortex. The first human discovered, Cro-Magnon, didn’t even have a frontal developed neocortex. That’s the new brain, the literal translation of neocortex.

We’re talking about five million years of one survival-driven reptile brain in working interchange, in conjunction with a middle brain, with a new addition called the neocortex, which has capacities of logic and thinking and planning ahead. It’s important to learn how to operate your brain and interchange to make sure you are facilitating your progress rather than frustrating your progress.

The brain has over 100 billion electrical cells in it; every one of these cells is electrical. It’s important. You’re transmitting, you’re receiving energy, everybody knows it today. You are an energy transformer. You know wireless communication… When Napoleon Hill first wrote, that concept was a really odd thing. And the family of the guy who announced he’d invented a way to send communications without any physical means (he invented the radio and wireless communications) tried to have him incarcerated in a looney bin! Marconi was spared that disaster, because he could prove, after all, his proposition.

And each of those 100 billion cells makes up to 10,000 dynamic connections with other neuro cells. The brain can’t tell the difference between something that’s imagined and something that really happens. When athletes go through mental rehearsal in their meditations, electromyograms record the exact subtle movements in their muscles that they are living in their minds. It’s neuromuscular. It’s neurophysiological.

And there’s over 1 million kilometers of interconnecting fiber inside this little case called the skull that houses the brain!

Here’s the issue… If the interdependent energies of your brains are not aligned and leveraged off one another, you remain unfocused, chaotic, and unfulfilled.

And it means, once you learn the subtle and highly specialized ways to do it, you can direct 100 billion sparking nerve cells, with 10,000 dynamic neural energy interconnections EACH with each one, and over one million kilometers of interconnecting fiber to transmute the energy you generate in thinking with intent in the quantum field into external effect, matter. Said matter being money or circumstance you’d like in your life.

You can laugh at such a far-fetched new reality laid bare by the patient march of science, like you did when I announced Earth was NOT the center of the universe. Or you can harness it to your substantial benefit now.


How Neuroscience Relates To Acquiring Wealth by Ted Ciuba,

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