Circumstances are uncertain all over the Euro-American world right now. You're well aware of that.

And there's nothing wrong with being adequately cautious. In fact, it's a good idea.

However, the key word is "adequately". Do NOT let the reality of instability move you into fear and inaction.

While I don't have any more confidence than you do that the politicians who caused these problems can solve them ("One can't solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created them." – Albert Einstein), I do have confidence in the immutable laws of nature.

One of those laws is the Law of Survival of the Fittest.

If that law meant survival of the strongest, then yes, those with the biggest arms would win. Those in Washington and London would have the world purring again. But it means survival of the "flexible" and "adaptable".

And the biggest tool the nimble individual entrepreneur can unleash to make explosive quantum life and income leaps is contained in the Formula for Riches as outlined on page 6 in The New Think And Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba.

The entire formula contains 6 steps, and then is activated by ACTION.

Formula For Riches

For now, let's focus on step one, since, without that, you can't progress to the others. It is really the most important.

Sit for a session of MEANINGFUL DREAMING. If you don't know what "vakogem" means, google it – because that's the essential treatment you need to apply.

Formula For Riches

Here's step one:

How much do you want? Fix in your mind the exact amount of money ou desire.

It is not sufficient merely to say, "I want plenty of money." Basic financial literacy – be definite as to the amount, whether it's a gross or net figure in annual income or a specified net worth. (There is a psychological reson for definiteness, which will be described in a subsequent chapter.) FURTHER, vivivied in accord with the vakogem factor of chapter 3, what does that wealth look lide for you? What houses? Cars? Who are you with? What's your family situation? Opportunities? Sports? Travel? Causes? Contributions do you make?

You must begin with the dream that pumps passion through your veins – what you REALLY want… Not what you think is within your grasp. (Currently.)

Make THAT what you wake to, sleep to, groove to!

That's what's in your view finder. Ignore (while working within) your present unpleasant circumstances, and move with the certain knowledge you ARE accomplishing what you seek.

The dream! The dream. Dream!!

Don't deny possibility, flexibility, and progress.

But if you must deny something, deny the unpleasant present, and cast your energies to the laws of nature that assure you will go where you see.

That's the way it looks from here,

   Panama Ted
 P.S. This is my latest Panama Ted photo, with the Bridge of the Americas in the background…

Ted Ciuba "Panama Ted" with the Bridge of the Americas in Background

Ted Ciuba "Panama Ted" with the Bridge of the Americas in Background

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