I attended an event and I learned about information marketing. I came back to my home town, put it into place, and within a very short period of time, within 30 days, I had made my first money. Within 90 days I had made my first month over a thousand, which I thought was pretty good at the time. And boom, things took off…

Then came the $3,000 days, then the $10,000 days, then the $100,000, not every day mind you, days. Then throw in a couple million dollar days… not every day mind you. But when these things start stacking up, as they say, the rest is history.

So, when people ask me, when I’m offering a seminar, an event, a course, a coaching program, a mentoring relationship, a marketing campaign, if it’s worth the money, I must ask, “In comparison to what?”

In comparison… As a matter of fact, you do have a lot on the line. This isn’t about how much you pay per video segment… You don’t pay based on the number of pounds this knowledge tips the grocer’s scales at…

You’ve got an investment opportunity in front of you. There’s infinite consequences before you…

What you’ve got on the line is everything you ardently desire and CAN enjoy! You’ve got your own life, the cars, the houses, the lifestyle, the security, your family situation, even your spiritual life all on the line. That’s life.

What you’re comparing is what you can be, do, and have, with all its attendant joys, versus…

Will your upcoming years be any better or will they simply continue the downhill slope until you disappear in a meaningless wisp at death?


Is It Worth The Money In Comparison To What? by Ted Ciuba,

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