Every now and then someone will make some kind of charge like, "That’s just positive thinking!" And, "What good can positive thinking possibly do??

Well, it is positive thinking, no doubt about it. There's a whole lot more to it than that, but let's stay there for a moment.

It’s in the personal development arena, in the human potential field. It’s in the science of personal achievement camp. That’s what it is. It’s general, it’s for everybody. It’s not a business book, by the way, it just focuses on business characters, stories, episodes and profits.

So… "Positive thinking," like that’s a bad thing?

Well here’s what Zig Zigler says, and who could disagree with him? I might not be saying the words exactly, but he says, "Positive thinking will surely make everything you do better."

Hey, if I’m feeling upbeat and positive, even if I’m only sweeping out the kitchen… If I’m feeling positive, I’m more likely to get in there and get it done – all in the same time, by the way, maybe less, maybe done better than if I’m dreading it and thinking, "Why do I have to do it? Where’s Cheryl? She’s supposed to be here!" and all that stuff. Don't you agree?

It's common sense.

Same thing with a report you need to write. Dread it, and you find it very hard to motivate yourself to do it, and you likely perform it at a lower level of efficiency and output. Get behind it, see it as a building block in your career and the esteem you create, and you achieve at higher levels, ¿no? Positive thinking makes everything better.

Would you rather smile or frown? You're going to pass time, regardless. Would you rather have a friendly spiritual experience or a gloomy, cloudy hard time? Approximately the same time; a radically different experience.

And it does go deeper than that. You remember our beloved Tiger Woods, greatest golfing champ who ever existed. Long, long—from youth, to late middle age he was the champ. And then he had a domestic situation – and we bless them… And not getting into any details, he no longer knew he was the champ. Doubt entered in. The serpent.

He’s not winning like a champ anymore. He no longer exudes that winning spirit.. Now he may recuperate. He’s human. He could. But right now, he's no longer going out and winning. He doesn’t have that inner conviction, that inner confidence of a champion.

And it shows to all the world in all the world.

He doesn’t think positively quite enough of himself.

You see the difference – because there hasn’t been enough time for his skills to have deteriorated to that point…. It’s not the armament, or the golf club and the form, it’s the driver, the shooter who's at fault.

Positive thinking or not thinking positive?… You decide.


It's The Driver Who's At Fault by Ted Ciuba,

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