Here’s a secret from the author’s side… To help raise awareness on The NEW Think And Grow RichQuantum Version I took upon myself this rather, as it turned out, monumental project of sharing with you, creating for you, 101 Quantum Success Secrets.

You would think it would be real easy, with me as the author, and in idea form it was. But it took a lot of studying, getting down, deciding what we’d do, creative time, studio time, then production time, then sorting the delivery, building the websites, and on and on, and on and on, all to give you a free, better look at the book and teachings than if you had read the book.

You see, the problem is the stats say you won’t even read the book. Fewer than 10% of all the books purchased are ever read past the first chapter. Ten percent! Chapter 1!

Further, it’s hard to study. Cursory investigation into learning styles reveals we humans find reading very hard to do, and we generally have difficulty grasping what we’re reading. Reading, it turns out, is not genetically in our heritage.

And so what I’ve just done with you over a period of numerous months, is sharing heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul, in a way where you can connect with all things in the spirit of The New Think And Grow Rich. The series, was and is originally a video production, because video is more powerful than reading.

Think about it… Instead of reading symbols on a page and coming up with an interpretation that may or may not be right, depending on a lot of factors… You’ve got engagement! You see when I’m excited, moving, emphasizing something. Or, you can see when it’s just an intellectual concept floating by. Or when I’m poking fun… Video is better than reading the book.

Haven’t you generally found watching the movie to be a more doable, satisfying experience than reading the book?!

Now you know what the best thing would be for you?

We call it the "tap root" question… Every time you engage one of these training sessions, reflect.

Self reflect asking…

“How does this apply to me?"

A brief time focused like that unleashes the power. It’s the power of intention; it’s not the power of time. Brief focused moments with the intention to make yourself better, to tune up to a finer tone, to activate that controvertibility energy to transmute your desires into results. It’s all about intention; time isn’t the determining factor.

Roger Bannister did not do conventional sports training when he was the first human to run the sub four minute mile. But he did intend to do it. There’s something very important in intention that trumps time.

And just the same way, it is not time that makes the difference, it’s the intention and intensity with which you invest your time. What are you driving that investment toward? What are you achieving?

That’s what makes the difference.


It’s The Intention And The Intensity With Which You Invest Time  by Ted Ciuba,

Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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