There’s so many things you’d love about Panamá. I want to tell you one point. Coming up to Tocumen Airport, the road divides and goes off to the left and off to the right. You’ve got to make a choice.

I see that as a metaphor. Just couldn’t be clearer.

The familiar green interstate-style overhead  sign offers two options. To the left, the sign points to “Darien” or “Panamá Centro”. Two choices, the Darien or Panamá Centro. To the right, “Aeropuerto Tocumen”, also known as Tocumen International Airport. It’s a choice. Left or right at the edge of Panamá.

Some choice. This thing is kind of like what I see people doing in business a lot of times.

They say, “Darien, oh it sounds so cool! I’m going to be an independent entrepreneur!” And all of a sudden they’re in the jungle. The jungle! This is undiscovered territory. It’s like Hotel California, you can get in, people get in all the time. But nobody gets out of the Darien.

There’s huge serpents and myths of horrors that pass during the night…These are the unexplored vasts of the dense rain forests. There’s no roads that go through that forsaken connecting zone between the continents of South America and North America.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Transamerica Highway, the road designed by a consortium of Western Hemisphere politicians in the 1930’s to run from Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego – the top of North America to the bottom of South America? There is some unconnected roadage through the Darien. You cannot pass.

It’s not a very logical choice.

Also, the other alternative of the left path, you could go back to Panamá Centro, which just means Panamá City, the central part. Technically it’s called Panamá, Panamá, Panamá – being Panamá City, Provincia de Panamá, country of Panamá, right? You could… (Remember, we’re coming from Panamá right now.) You could, but that represents going back to mediocrity, to the routine.

So, the left alternative promises you end up either in the extreme wilds or back in the numbingly predictable.

Or you can go to the right, to Aeropuerto Tocumen. You can take what is pretty structured, like flight – I mean, they work out an endless array of schedules, we’re glad they do maintenance, have enough fuel, know how to calculate, keep all the different infrastructure pieces that have to work together working to carry you – to some destination that represents adventure, like a business in which you’re helping ever growing numbers of people all too willing to tender the good value exchange you merit.

Uh-huh! Do you see?… Which way should you go?

Should you go to the left and either you go into something which is doomed to failure because it’s just so much bigger than you, or back to mediocrity, something that you know and already are not happy with?

Or are you finally determined you want more out of life and your finances, and make the right choice.


Left Or Right At The Edge Of Panama by Ted Ciuba,

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