Yesterday I sent a link to the longest video I've ever created and posted online, "He Puts The Ring On Her Finger Twice". It was over 18 minutes.

So… Just to balance it out, I went for a coffe this morning with a promise under my hatband: to make you a succinct, powerful message in less than 60 seconds. This one is 54 seconds.


Message From Panamá: It's BECAUSE of…

Some things, you absolutely must do in the right order to get the right result. As, for instance, you must build the foundation for a building before you install windows…

It's BECAUSE of success that I enjoy life the way I do and all the privileges it brings…

Things really do start in the hearted thoughts you develop (or allow) inside your being…

Even if you get excited about Quantum Business Acceleration, your first basic step, today, right now, is to assimilate the message of *The New Think And Grow Rich* Revised Edition right now.

Take that first step. There's more to come.

The New Think And Grow Rich


Enjoy the Life!

  Panamá Ted
P.S. For those who want one step deeper, this is actually a message from Mi Pueblito, a beautiful section of Panama City.

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