Napoleon Hill On The Best Profession For Big Success

I use the quote frequently in our training events…

Napoleon Hill said,

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.”

When I first bring it out a lot of people ask, “What does that mean?”

Let’s dissect it, looking at each phrase, and you’ll find there’s no dissimulation, but that it’s a very direct statement.

  • “It is literally true”
    • It is true. This is not allegory or symbolic, but direct, practical truth
  • “that you can succeed”
    • He establishes the subject, success. Remember, there’s no figurative language; we’re talking about success in the sense you understand it as in getting ahead in life and on your career path
  • “best and quickest”
    • Now we’ve got a modifier, refining the previous identification of succeeding, by revealing the best and quickest way, and that is…
  • “by helping others succeed”

Napoleon Hill was a man who gathered insights, not only from the incredible, profound depths of research and interview, but he was simultaneously living his life, creating his life. He’s talking about getting in the right kind of profession.

Remember he is a consultant, he is an information marketer, he is a guru. Put him in the right place; make him equivalent to how you would see him today. He is a Tony Robbins, a T. Harv Eker, a Ted Ciuba, a Brian Tracy.

He’s saying get into the consulting field. Not only that, make your clients business clients. Not only that, get into the aspect of business consulting that works on the income side of the equation.

It’s not a complicated idea, and the statement is intended to present the best monetary career advice Hill has garnered in a single summing statement.

You want to get rich? You want 50% of all the gross profit that’s in a product, gross profit being defined as what’s left over after the cost of production and shipping? You can have it all day long. The way you get that juicy deal, even though someone else is paying for the inventory and overhead, is to sell the stuff. That’s sales.

What he’s saying is, “Go where the money is!” People always have and always will gladly share huge amounts of money with those who create money.  There is no other point in the process of raw material to counting year-end profits where you’ll find such liberality.

Napoleon Hill clearly is speaking to you as an insider. He’s no longer talking to the masses, and he’s no longer talking in the general concept of “What you think about you bring about” and “You’ve got to go after what you want with passion.”

He’s saying if you want the most highly leveraged occupation you can go into, one in which you can make the kind of income people dream of, go into marketing consulting, because they’ll pay you for bringing income in the door!

It’s a good profession.


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