It’s the thing that makes everything we do in our motivational ministry and  in our quantum business acceleration business work: quantum leaps can be caused.

  • If we couldn’t cause a quantum leap, if it was just some accidental occasional thing that happens for no reason, like some people believe, then none of our science would have any value.

But quite the opposite, it shares a lot with the phenomenon of growth. See? We can’t grow, and we can’t do the leap, but we can get everything facilitated, we can give it the best odds possible, and let it do its own thing.

In the phenomenon of growth, we pick a good seed. We’re meticulously careful. We plant it at the right time, with the right soil and nutrients, water it right, ensure it gets the right plenty of light (or whatever light it prefers), and we guard it from too much sun and the bugs and the weeds that can come. We facilitate conditions to foster growth, and it springs on its own. That is Life Force. We tend to it properly, and we harvest it at the right time and enjoy life.

It grew because we did things right for it. If we hadn’t done anything, something would have been growing, but it wouldn’t have been what you wanted.

And in this same way, something will happen if you don’t have a quantum leap. But it might mean an unsatisfying life and a failed family and business.

But, like with growth, you can facilitate the conditions that foster the quantum leap. You can be clear on what it is you want. You can recognize the role consciousness plays, that you have, in creating it. You can recognize you don’t have to cover every incremental step to make a giant quantum leap, but you’re going to have to do something qualitatively different. It’s still a leap, after all.

But all it takes is your willingness and your commitment. You already have everything you need… Like the forces that express through the plant unerringly, you, star-being, already know how to make the quantum leap. You just don’t know it yet.

Yes, you can cause your own quantum leap. There’s hope for everyone because, in scientific language, quantum leaps can be caused to happen.

Oh, by the way, your boldness is what happens it, but that’s another story.


Quantum Leaps Can Be Caused  by Ted Ciuba,

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