Review of *Same Winds, Different Directions* of Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series  Vol. 5

Review of *Same Winds, Different Directions* of Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Series by Dr. Ted Ciuba  Available at http://ThinkRich.com/s4m/vol-005

*Same Winds, Different Directions* by Ted Ciuba, reveals the truth – and the empowerment that imparts – behind circumstance.

Instead of letting setbacks and misfortune stop you, turn them into gain. Make them into stepping-stones leading to your success. Lean into the wind of adversity and learn to guide your ship in the direction you want to go. You are the master of your fate!

Talk about the ultimate reframe, recontext, and reconceptualize!

Sun Tzu, in the oldest military treatise in the world, The Art Of War, is not advising people to change their thoughts about things so that they can have inner peace and get on about their life without excess baggage…

No, he's going further. What could be more real, imminent, and beset with genuine mortal dangers than battle and war?

If you want to use it as a metaphor, you couldn't do any better – it's a real training manual, still required reading for military officers.

Instead of negative setbacks, events become positive stepping-stones and opportunities. For example, instead of a partner who "ruined you" by embezzling $200,000, you've got a cheap lesson, quick, in discerning character so you can achieve all your goals successfully.

Maybe they become positive stepping stones instead of negative setbacks precisely because that is the way you choose to engage and move forward in life.

Same winds, different direction.

You can take the events that discourage and defeat common people, and engineer and condition them to progress and motivate you.

Discover the story of the scoffers and he who, having developed a multi-billion per year business, got the last laugh.






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