How many more plays will Shakespeare write? How many more inventions will Thomas Edison invent? How many more songs will Elvis Presley magnetize? And John Lennon, who wrote some of the most inspired music on the planet, how many more songs will he pen?

Michael Jackson was preparing for a tour when death visited him… Who could dance and sing a song like him? How many more will he do?

The answer is none.

There is one thing in this uncertain life that is certain, and that is: it is certain everybody will die. But the when isn’t stated. How much time do you have? It’s limited, at any rate.

It’s urgent you seize these moments you have, because the time is coming when you will not write another song, never write that book, nor start that useful business. You will never dance that dance…

You will never help a child grow up just by being there and loving her completely…

You can now. Seize this magic moment.


Seize This Magic Moment by Ted Ciuba.

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