Some More Of The Powerful Secrets You Discover In The New Think And Grow Rich Quantum Version

"A Proven System To Wealth Building"

Thousands Of Profitable Insights, Tips,

Tricks, and Success Secrets

 Here's a small sampling of the TONS of profitable, wealth-accelerating ideas, infos, plans, strategies, tactics, and action stimulators your receive in The NEW Think and Grow Rich – Quantum Version by Ted Ciuba…

  • Discover what's holding you back from the wealth and riches you desire! (You can't even see it without outside coaching!)

  • How to pack enough magic in a single powerful impulse of thought to make a multi-million dollar career!

  • Why chasing after the latest fad to wealth is the surest route to frustration and struggle…

  • A simple six step, fifteen minute exercise to distinguish yourself from 98% of humanity in the success arena! (After you open up a fresh Word document, dig into page 6!)

  • How even starting dumb and broke need present no obstacle, if you add this ONE characteristic to your desire

  • How a simple statement so succinct you can fit it on the face of a single note card can guide you to riches

  • How to avoid the single biggest mistake most people make, sabotaging their dreams for success!

  • Why the niche you specialize in is less important than the way you approach it

  • What pushing past the “fear of failure" does for your long-term success!

  • How to walk the line – dreaming BIG, but avoiding a goal “too big to believe in” which could turn around on you and become a paralyzing fear instead!

  • Debunking and correcting the half-truth, “Knowledge is POWER!” Falling for this bit of conventional wisdom could be your career downfall

order nowMastering the While it’s essential, it’s not essential for YOU” paradox

  • How the technical person is actually at a substantial disadvantage in acquiring wealth – and, if this is you, the Info and Insight you need to change!

  • How to enlist the self-fulfilling prophecy on your side, to make your success "automatic"

  • Awaken to the endless posibilities in your life

  • Discover the dynamic tension between desire and decisiveness – and why desire without decisiveness is a formula for disaster.

  • Come to understand how to trigger the self-fufilling prophecy and the Law of Attraction so that HoloMagic flows.

  • The little known essential element that is lacking from almost every business acceleration program that is essential to accomplishment. Savants and great leaders have spoken of this for thousands of years, but most on the street forget all about it, and consequently…

  • Programming is neither theory nor mysterious, but using the latest advances NeuroScience gifts us can finally allow you to reprogram yourself from failure to success – it's a mind game changer.

  • Discover and deploy the amazing new "Vakogëm" technology to amp up your dreams to gargantuan proportions – which makes achieving them as difficult as skating down an incline with well greased skates!

  • Discover the secret to putting "The Law of Increasing Returns" flaming at your back

  • Turn the tables – instead of accepting what you "think" life is up to giving you, become a "causative agent". Four major "instant change" technologies included!

  • Subconscious tricks that ensure you're working the "Law of Attraction" the right way! (Because if you don't do it the right way, you'll attract the WRONG thing!

  • How the Law of Attraction works, and, more importantly, how to work it!

  • What the important word (and it’s not the, and, a, an, etc.) repeated 31 times in the first 7 pages of Think And Grow Rich can do for you!

  • The secret that reveals exactly what "HoloMagic" is, and how to trigger it so that it works for you!

  • How to know you’re doing the right thing before you even know what the right thing is!

  • How to sell your specialized knowledge as a consultant

  • Two key, often overlooked, elements of making positive, lasting change.

  • Trying to transmute desire into money without these "corrective" insights is like accelerating with the brake on. There's only 2 controls… But, for all the wear and tear -, accelerating and braking – you don't get anywhere!

  • Exercises to increase your intuition, so you can rely upon it in your business dealings – receiving both warning signs and green lights!

  • How to know when you’re “ready”, and how to stay “on your game”

  • How to break through the clutter, crap, business, and family obligations and get on to making BIG money

  • A complete 13 point plan for beginning from scratch, with nothing to give in return for riches except thoughts, ideas and organized plans

  • How problems are the best thing you’ll ever encounter. This empowering reframe was the pivot point that earned an ex-salary worker $52 Million dollars!

  • How to put yourself outside your comfort zone to step onto new ground!

  • What the homeless person did not say to the impeccable business titan that got him a job when thousands of college graduates were clamoring for the chance!

  • How to plant the “success” you want instead of the failure you fear”. Most people get this wrong at the subconscious level, and never know why they “can’t seem to succeed”!

  • A case-study of a modern version of the Invisible Counselors technique, and very specific ways you might find them working in your life, to guide you to greater wealth than you could imagine by yourself

  • How to empower your goals and achievement visualizations so they literally force success to happen!

  • Lessons in the Eastern mystical tradition of psychokinesis (mind moves matter) to achieve your desires just with a strong wish

  • What you learn from the last person in a long streak of winchers and whiners who made a fortune because he had a different objective!

And that's really just the beginning of all the amazing, income acceleration insight and information you'll have at your fingertips!

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