About Ted Ciuba

“Ted Ciuba, America’s Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant and the world’s leading Quantum Trainer, shows YOU how to “impulse” the Quantum Leap in your personal and professional affairs!”

Meet Ted Ciuba, sales & marketing ace; original founder of the World Internet Summit, the-largest & longest running entrepreneurial internet marketing training organization in world; and author of over forty books, including The New Think And Grow Rich – Quantum Version, Uncovered And Left In Sight: Where Napoleon Hill Hid The Secret, Mail Order in the Internet Age, the Amazon best-seller How To Get Rich On The Internet, 101 Quantum Success Secrets; and much more!

Ted’s honed his language and persuasion capacities throughout the years with studies in neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, and language. He’s picked up four degrees in languages, two of them masters, and his Ph.D. in this quest.

p_tedciuba_inactionTed’s experience and expertise come from person-to-person, small group, platform selling (one to many) and direct response marketing in mail and online (one to countless). He’s particularly strong in copywriting, selling from the stage, interpersonal sales, and internet marketing.

He’s perfected the art of getting qualified prospects to happily open up their wallets with a diverse range of products at prices ranging from pocket change to half a million dollars, such as vacuum cleaners, burglar alarms, tobacco products, auto parts to automobiles, motorcycles, modular homes, investments , oil exploration, real estate, business services, business opportunities, training, continuity products, and consulting services.

p.tedciuba.dancinted.wisuk06Certainly one of Ted’s most notable achievements is the World Internet Summit. He’s quick to point out that while a single event in a location like Singapore, Sydney, London, or San Francisco could  generate a half-million dollars in a single weekend – all that money is generated by sales. The venue is filled with copywriting; the products are sold with platform selling. He’s trained million dollar internet entrepreneurs and speakers. He would like to train you.

As a consultant, Ted Ciuba has helped countless people earn up to $34,866 within 72 hours from startup on the Internet. His proven methods have made him a “living legend”, and yet Ted is one of the most accessible people you will ever meet.

Ted’s varied experiences have given him his multi-faceted perspective on guiding you into greater riches in a Quantum, explosive, permanent leap to a new level of personal and professional profitability.

In his role as original founder of World Internet Summit Ted Ciuba has circled the globe many times, appearing in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Panamá, México, and more.

His integrated e-commerce system, AutoPilotRiches.com, sets the world’s standard for running an online business.

His program is about results and helping others grasp the same opportunity.

Today, Ted Ciuba also does interviews and guest appearances, offers tele seminars, webinars, audio, video, workshops, coaching, consulting, and speaking on the topics of quantum business acceleration and consciousness in personal achievement.

His teachings have influenced thousands of people over the globe to move to the positive side of the money equation, and now he can help you, too.