The biggest single cause of failure is fearing failure. Like in baseball, they talk about a batter who gets nervous and chokes up. When what he needs to do is perform with grace and agility whatever the opportunity presents.

Those of us who are living in the current epoch as I speak have seen the confident, assured Tiger Woods, who was winning, knocked off his winning streak. He was an incredibly performing athlete until it entered in his mind that he might fail… That he might not really be all that good.

He had an unfortunate highly-publicized personal incident, which brought it all on… All the world was pointing at him, questioning him, doubting him… And, inevitably, he began to doubt himself…

And the ironic thing is, to do something different you’re going to have to get over that fear of failure. Being afraid is counterproductive. (As is being reckless, of course.) You can’t win trying not to lose. Those are two diametric things. Trying not to lose always urges you to take the more cautious approach, in which you don’t put anything at risk. And, as any experienced trader will tell you, you end up, in fact, chasing risks for survival.

The quantum leap demands you face that risk and act forcefully. Hiding and half measures won’t do it.

So I suggest you re-define that fear, that feeling you get when you’re contemplating something bigger, something that’s going to cost more, something that’s going to take time, something that’s going to involve responsibility. Something that’s what you really want but just think you can’t have. I suggest you reframe that feeling into excitement!

Maybe like I’ve heard fighter pilots talk about when they move the throttle forward. There’s massive power roaring on the flight deck. They talk about that feeling, and they take their foot off the brake feeling that feeling, and in the same blink of time that quantum leap involves, they’re launched.


The Biggest Cause Of Failure Is Fearing Failure  by Ted Ciuba,

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