The biggest stumbling block an ordinary person might encounter when they’ve decided that they’d like to acquire wealth, riches, make a difference, contribute, live a fulfilling life is they listen to the media.

Duly negatively programmed by the doom and gloom in the media, they say, “Well, what’s Ted know saying I can make a quantum leap? What does Ted know when he’s saying I can differentiate myself strategically and I can have prosperity like other people I see are having and enjoying right now?”

You listened to the media.

All of a sudden you hear that unemployment is 11%, and you hear that 25% of the nation is on food stamps… It seems so bad that you slip into your late model Toyota and go to the market, or even if you go to Wal-Mart where the bargain shoppers are supposed to be, it’s a bustling place.

All that money? It just changed hands, and it’s changing hands right now. Why are people in a recession so anxious to buy properties that others are losing? Because they can get ‘em for a good price.

Now, they didn’t create the marketplace. It’s a good market for someone who’s buying real estate, wouldn’t you agree with me?

Your situation can be changed. It may be very tight at a moment in time, but it can be changed. It’s up to you, it’s an inside out job. The biggest stumbling block is feeling hopeless and disempowered because it’s clear we’re in the second great American Depression. It’s all over the news. And the credit of your country sucks. And the price of oil is going up. And there’s going to be a war thrown in there, too, which of course will have not only its own political instabilities, but it'll affect oil supplies and the price of gasoline at the pump will soar again.

All these are conjectures, and they may or may not happen. But, certainly, letting this negative news fill your consciousness, living in fear of it, isn't helping your financial situation any. (Not unless you own a media outlet, that is, but then you wouldn't be "an ordinary person", would you.)

The biggest problem is listening to the wrong source. Turn off your T.V.


The Biggest Stumbling Block The Ordinary Person Might Encounter by Ted Ciuba

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