I call this the bank vault metaphor.

People think there needs to be struggle, "I need to work. I need to find out this secret."

But, by definition, how much work does it take to own a secret? I mean if you have the secret that’s all the work it takes.

For instance, you could literally back up a truckload of carpentry tools into my driveway and say “Ted they’re yours.” Well, I would have a truckload full of tools, no skill, no ability, and having the tools would not make me a carpenter.

In the same way, it’s not a "bunch of stuff". You don’t need to run off and take more courses, more seminars and pay $20,000 – $30,000 to this guru and that guru to find yourself. To be at one with all.

No. It’s a much simpler gig than that. You need to know what the secret is.

Those carpentry tools? I could take that truck of carpentry tools to the bank vault, assuming the bank manager gave me permission to enter because I would never do or recommend anything illegal. But so the bank manager says, “If you can get into it, tonight you can have it.”

I take all those tools in, I’ve got all that time… No matter. I ain’t gettin’ in, it isn't gonna happen.

On the other hand, if that bank manager had been an insider, say we both worked on Wall Street, he would’ve given me the combination and then how much effort would I have had to have made?

It's 64 three times to the left, 75 to the right twice, back to 96 and… Eureka! The door swings open on greased hinges!

If only you have the secret.


The Door Swings Open On Greased Hinges by Ted Ciuba,

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