Oh, the message? What is the message of The NEW Think And Grow Rich? I’ve already told you its purpose is to open our minds so we begin to see the vast potential, the vast ability out there for us to create what we want.

What is the message? The message can be summed up in four points.

Point one: we are each capable of vastly more than we’ve ever accomplished. We are capable of an explosive quantum leap to an entirely new level of performance and income, seemingly without effort, without involving long periods of time or incremental progress.

Point two: there is a process we can discover to cause that phenomenon that – scientifically, repeatably, dependably, that’s what a formula is, that’s what science is – will work in our application if we work it.

Number three: to take you where you need to start. We talk about the quantum set, the profoundness of the philosophy, and the concept of “the quantum leap knows if you’re afraid.”

It’s your subconscious! It’s to help you recognize your biggest problem is in yourself – and further, it’s in your subconscious. You were programmed before the age of two. The message and the purpose is to help you intervene in and re-program your subconscious.

It’s a simple statement way of saying, number four, since the way you’re creating your life comes from the way you’re programmed, it works to work with the subconscious as our first point of reference.

That’s why we talk about things like decisiveness, inner conviction, determination… That’s why we talk re-programming, that’s why we talk about neuro-repatterning. We’re talking about creating a new facilitation of conduction among neurons… That’s a scientific term, by the way, meaning once you perform a new behavior, it’s easier to repeat it again…

We’re talking about you waking and making your brain work a different way. And when you do, automatically, you act and transmit differently, so you get different results. That’s Natural Law.

You already have everything you need. You are created capable. Put your mind to it… Go create what is uniquely yours to create.


The Message Of The New Think And Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba,

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