Let’s talk about the riddle of the Chinese ideogram for crisis. That ideogram consists of two parts, an upper and a lower, representing risk and opportunity.

The word for crisis contains both risk and opportunity. In other words, you might find your greatest opportunity during risky times…

Ask yourself this… When’s the best time to show your stuff and to get exceptional quantum leap, out-of-the-ballpark rewards? Is there a better, easier, more visible time than when others are afraid?

You see the opportunity in the risk, not the risk in the opportunity.

You see, crisis always brings both risk and opportunity. Let me give you one example. The man who would’ve been another practically nameless retired pilot living in his 4-bedroom upper middle class Miami home.

Captain Chesney Sullenberger, otherwise known as “Sully” takes off from LaGuardia airport. Still in the initial climb there’s an awful sound of a flock of birds. There there’s unnatural silence. Crisis. He’s only got two sides. Engines power out. First time in his life he’d ever been in a powered plane when he didn’t feel thrust.

He had to make it down, and from what I’ve heard he’s the only person who’s successfully landed an emergency plane that wasn’t intended to be landed in water, that landed it and did not destroy it.

Every single one of the people got off that plane free and clear.

He was thrust into a moment of crisis. The risk, 155 people, was very real. “Brace for impact”, he announced over the intercom.


He did what he would be the first to tell you he was trained to do… The difference is he did it.

He’s feted by presidents and national governments all over the world. He’s making dozens of times more money than he would’ve ever made as a retired, nameless pilot, now, because near the end of his career he safely landed a plane under crisis emergency conditions in the Hudson River.

Crisis is a phenomenon incorporating elements of both risk and opportunity.

Crisis never arrives on a convenient schedule, nor does it arrive without its opportunity. Are you up to it?


The Riddle Of The Chinese Ideogram For Crisis by Ted Ciuba,

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