The first time I became familiar with this concept was hearing Henry Ford say, “Think you can, think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

It’s the same thing with the quantum leap. The quantum leap demands the leap. It doesn’t demand knowing exactly how something that is fluid, explosive, and that will propel you beyond anything you’ve ever known or felt before will feel, work, and come together. But it does require belief.

The mystics were treating on these things years and years ago. It just took science several thousand years to catch up with what enlightened humanity had already discerned.

The mystics have a saying that goes, “The mysteries guard themselves.”

How about an illustration? By the way, if you’re Catholic, I respect your views, and in fact, you’ll probably understand this example better than ever.

When a Catholic enters their church service and their ordained wizard intones specific magic words over the bread and wine, there’s a mystical transformation takes place and it becomes, in their belief system, the body and blood of Christ.

Ritualistic killing and eating a sacrificial lamb is an ancient tradition… Therefore, when they partake of that meal, it’s symbolic, of course, bread and wine, they are taking that atemporal, non-local spirit of the Christ inside of them. The ritual is symbolic; the spirit is real.

An energy transmits. An energy they’ve taken into their system with the innocence of belief. An energy that rejuvenates them a spell.

The mysteries guard themselves. Other people occasionally come in and scoff the whole process, thinking the participants are delusional.

It is ever such – those not worthy of the inner sanctum of the mystery can observe it, can walk among it, and never see it, sense it, nor receive any benefit from it.

That’s how it is. Just talking about the quantum leap, just thinking it’s a cool idea… The mysteries guard themselves. Until you enter into it won’t happen for you.

The quantum leap knows when you’re doubtful. You can be afraid, but you can’t be doubtful… And there’s another mystic proverb, “Do the thing and you shall have the power.”

It is only by engaging, it is only in doing you access the power. You don’t access the power without belief, because if you don’t have belief, what you have is a situation in which you’re already in access of the power, but you’re operating from unbelief and that is the disempowering result you get.

That’s ground floor basic in quantum physics, “The observer affects the observed.”

Think you can, think you can’t, either way, you’re right.


The Role Of Belief In Making The Quantum Leap  by Ted Ciuba,

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