The Young Guitar Prodigy, Lucciano – So Good It Makes Me Cry

Perhaps you're looking at a young Mozart… No kidding…


This young boy is leader of the band, lead vocalist, lead guitarist – and note how often his voice and his guitar sync with identical notes. Fluid. Flow.

I urge you to watch this video several times; and promis you'll encounter more important distinctions each time you do.

And I'm certain that you don't need to understand the language (Spanish) to appreciate the genius. I am reminded of Eric Clapton.

For the record, perhaps this is a real-life case of a child prodigy – making the rounds by YouTube.

For the training and responsibility we each have as parents and custodians of the fluid treasure we call life and culture…

Encourage and aid every young person you encounter to follow their dreams and inclinations!

This youngster is so good it makes me cry!

How about you?…