We do talk, we do teach, we do recommend, and we do assert you must have MasterMind partners, that you will have MasterMind involvement. But ultimately it’s about personal responsibility. Because the MasterMind comes after the desire and decision drive you to mastermind.

MasterMind is going to be different for each person depending on the things and qualities they’re pursuing, but that’s a detail.

We do teach the MasterMind, but success still comes back to the most important thing is the individual. In your life, neither your school, your MasterMind, your employer, nor your government is going to give you the richness you can create using them as pawns in the success strategy you play.

The MasterMind is one of the tools you use to achieve success. Yes, relationships are vital, but it’s personal responsibility where it starts and where it stays.


Ultimately, It's Personal Responsibility  by Ted Ciuba,

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