All right, my friend, you have made it! You’ve made it to Secret 101 of 101 Success Secrets From The NEW Think And Grow Rich, assuming you’re getting this in order.

You should congratulate yourself. You are unique. Most people don’t get that far, even though they’re short messages, to the point, and designed to give you empowerment. And you know how much you’ve received because you have participated. You are the biggest winner of it all. Congratulations!

Now, having just done this book, having done these success secrets, having processed, having written your Formula For Riches out, having moved into action, you have changed your destiny. You have re-steered your life.

Having just re-steered your life and destiny, what do you think is worthy of this crowning moment?



Celebrate! Celebrate! You have opened the doors to a new future!

And we take this moment to recognize and to feel joyous, and good, and extremely blessed about your victory!

Congratulations, my success minded friend!

And I’d like to part with a word we began with…

No matter how good, true, active, or sound this philosophy is… No matter how many peoples’ lives it has lifted into achievement in myriad thousands of different ways… It won’t work for you, if you don’t work it.

So, as you celebrate, let the same resolve that staunched the little Black girl’s heart as she stepped forward in her mission, the same resolve that was burning inside Edwin C. Barnes as he road the clickity-clack into Orange, New Jersey, let that be yours.

Celebrate right now! Here’s a figurative glass of champagne!

Ching, ching!


What Is Worthy Of This Crowning Moment?  by Ted Ciuba,

Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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