What Others Say About The New Think & Grow Rich – Revised Edition

The New Think And Grow Rich receives thousands of testimonials… Many of them we hear about when someone shares they heard a radio show guest, speaker, etc urging a quick, solid, and repetitive read of The New Think And Grow Rich.

Here’s a small sampling of the kind of things they say…

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Here’s Stan Harris, one of fewer than 100 people in the world, a 10th degree black belt Grand Master, who read the book…

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And since we’ve got fighters, here’s Kerry Pharr, a legend in boxing corcles, as a trainer…

Boxing training legend, Kerry Pharr comments on his mentor-friend relationship with Ted Ciuba. “He can teach you how to improve and promote yourself.

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And here’s Oscar Smith, speaking of a new paradigm and a 21st century thought leader…

And here’s Keith Hooper talking about the necessity to take advantage of the help you have at hand:

Keith Hooper, a very successful mlm, multi-level marketing expert recommends you read the NEW think and grow rich. Keith asks if you are investing in yourself, doing some of the fundamentals of what it takes for success.

Then Donathan Waliyyiddin recognizes the genius in the book:

Donathan Waliyyiddin on The New Think And Grow Rich. Written for and understandable in today’s age. Affirms the “new” Think And Grow Rich will be a classic. “I know B.S. from the real deal…”

Then there’s Bill H0ran, a high-profile success radio celebrity, who asks the simple question… Based on the track record of the original book that has 75 years of success to it’s name, can you go wrong looking at the NEW update?…

Then there’s millions others we’ve served, thousands others who have given print, audio, or video testimonial…

Paul Fuggle, UK

Here’s the man, along with his wife, Philly, who took me to Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre…

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing the principles… and for all your assistance in putting them into practice.  Changing the way that I think and following the principles I learned… has already resulted in a £57,000 [$103,836.63 USD] tax free profit on one property deal and two major business deals in just a couple of months. What’s more, I know this is only the beginning.” – Paul Fuggle

“Ted, I could not have dreamed, or even dared to dream about the incredible opportunities and experiences that the universe delivered to me this weekend. You are an incredible mentor and guide, and I feel blessed to have shared time with you.” – Lisa Trumbell, UK

Ricia Adair, CA

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When Ted rewrote it, this was a book, all of a sudden, that I enjoyed reading…. I refer to it all the time.” – Ricia Adair, CA

Ricia Adair, Canada

“I was at a turning point in my life wondering were I was going and what I should be doing with my life. The extraordinary content of the book challenged my thinking and my searching even more, then it jumped at me I found “the secret” the one that was so much a part of me that I didn’t even know ….. amazing!

I found the answer I had been looking for throughout my life, the answer was in the realization of what I can now do with my Major Purpose…” – Helene Grillot, AU

Then there’s…

Tamara Doris, USA

The writing is so much more applicable and understandable that I am literally forcing my friends, colleagues, and mastermind members to get their copies now!

“You’ve taken this classic book and dipped it in gold.

“Every page fills me with passion and revs me up!

 – Tamara Dorris, Real Estate Trainer, USA

Mark Whyborn, UK

“I have read The New Think And Grow Rich and there is a HUGE improvement (so much more insight) in the new updated version! This is what has prompted me to order your audios, as I was listening to the Napoleon Hill’s Audios in my car I thought I would get your audios as well.” – Mark Whyborn, UK

T.J. Rohleder, USA

When Ted told me that he was “RE-WRITING “THINK AND GROW RICH” for the 21ST CENTURY” – I complimented him, but privately wondered if he really could make the book better.  But then… Ted was finished and sent me a copy — AND I WAS SHOCKED AND AMAZED!  I sat there and began going through it … and all of a sudden looked up and over 3 hours had gone by!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  The book is that amazing!  I quickly read it from cover to cover within 2 days and then turned around and did it again!  Ted has done a truly amazing thing, by totally re-writing this powerful classic.  Every entrepreneur and business owner simply MUST have Ted’s book!  You will love it, I promise. – T.J. Rohleder, Kansas, $100-Millionaire, MORE Inc


Warren Whitlock, UK

Now that I’ve read The NEW Think and Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba, I’m never going back to the old version. There’s really no reason to… All the principles are covered beautifully in the new version. You’re going to just love The NEW Think and Grow Rich. – Warren Whitlock, Las Vegas, NV

“I had grown up on welfare, was homeless 3 times when I was younger… I went from having never made more

Mike Hale, USA

than 30k a year to having a 150k base salary, wearing a suite and tie every day, flying first class and private jet. Then I read the story of Edwin C. Barnes… My story and his story are The Exact Same Story!!! I’m floored right now. The story reminded me who I am. Determined and passionate. The world bends to the man who know what he wants.

I could never put into words how valuable the message in this book is to me.” – Mike Hale, Detroit MI

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