Sincere people often ask what relevance Quantum Physics has to the real world. Misunderstanding is understandable, since it deals with the building blocks of the universe, light, energy, and matter.. Then again, that alone should be enough.

There's way more than just the popular "huge, discontinuous" performance leap associated in popular culture with the quantum leap.

There are practical ways to "manipulate" the equivalence of energy and matter to your benefit.

How much more relevant can we get than TODAY's news ?

 The breaking news came this morning, of yesterday's award phone calls… The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to two men, Serge Haroche of France and American David Wineland.
 What does this have to do with the real world? With you?
  Business person, try this practical application of Quantum Physics:

At the bottom, there is only energy. There is nothing else.  This E = mc2 that Einstein wrote?… It talks about the equivalence of energy and matter (factored by the speed of light squared).

Energy becomes matter, the material is spiritual. This is the Quantum world our boldest adventurers are exploring… The two distinct realms are equivalent.

The inmaterial realm, the realm of thought and intention, you can and do project into materiality. "Thoughts are things," that's what they're saying.

And, true, when thoughts interact with the outside world they lose their mysterious quantum properties… The fact that you engineered a miraculous turnaround because you had an incredible breakthrough recognition to move on this one new type of marketing conception that revolutionized your business and multiplied your income into the hundreds of thousands of dollars PER MONTH…

                    And you know it can happen. That's what a quantum leap is – a discontinuous jump to a whole new performance and income level.

And what does that have to do with running your business?

Well, it all seems very logical when you look at it in reverse. But you don't want to do that.

You want to manipulate and direct going  forward… You want to be able to control what comes from the spiritual realm into the physical. And that has to do with your inner resonance, where you're coming from.

YOU as the director, manager,  owner-entrepreneur of your business are the heart and soul. Everything else is a reflection of you.

Why do you think venture capitalists bet on the management team more so than the idea?

There's more, but I'll bet it could be all summed up in a reply…

What do YOU think is a better alternative?  Betting on yesterday's old, classical technologies that already aren't working so well as they used to?

Or jumping on the cutting edge and moving into, creating the emerging world, following science's footsteps on the edge?

What quantum physics has to do with your business profits? You decide.


What Quantum Physics Has To Do With Your Business Profits by Ted Ciuba

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