A Case Study In Making The Quantum Leap

You’ve already got everything you need to make the quantum leap, the breakthrough leap, something that re-defines reality, or as I like to say, defies and re-defines possibility.

Because reality is what you can’t do, such as, “It’s impossible for any human being to run a mile in under four minutes.” “The sub 4 minute mile is impossible. In fact, it’s dangerous to the health – and could cause death – of anybody who would even attempt it.”

But Robert Bannister, after missing his chance in the 1948 Olympics, coming in fifth place in the Helsinki 1952 Olympics, and about to graduate, knew his sports career and his chance for immortality would soon permanently set. Back then professional sports didn’t exist, and when you finished university, you finished sports.

And so Roger Bannister, on the heels of that crushing defeat, determined to be the first human individual to ever run the sub 4 minute mile.

Oh, he had a few difficulties. He didn’t have time to train for two, to three, to four hours six days a week like conventional sports training says you need to do. He was a busy neuropractitioner. A neuroscientist, studying the brain, a medical surgeon.

He gave it what he could. Completely flew in the face of logic, gave it 30 minutes a day. He had a lunch hour. He had to save some time to shower, to clean, to make a couple phone calls, to handle a couple personal errands, and to say hi to some friends. So he gave it…

Thirty-minutes a day. Which leads me to tell you we’ve got to look somewhere else other than time.

It’s desire. It’s training. It’s more knowledge. And more… It’s someone who set a goal, someone who intended to do something very definite, definable, and measurable, believed he was capable and set about doing it.

How do we know he intended to do it? Well, the day he did it, seconds prior to the starting shot, he looks up to St. George’s Church and sees the pennant on top of the steeple drooping, which means there will be no oncoming wind resistance coming into the home stretch. He turns to his pacemaker and says, “The sub 4 minute attempt is on.”

He called it, just like you’d call putting an 8-ball in the corner pocket. Something that was impossible to do, but he didn’t believe it.

He intended to do this. He did it!

What you believe is more important than what others say the world is. The quantum leap knows when you’re afraid; the quantum leap responds when you’re confident. You already have everything you need. The observer affects the observed. The quantum leap is operated with passionate intention, with forward running motion!

Oh, by the way… Eighteen-months later, 16 other people were running the sub 4 minute mile. For thousands of years people had been trying. One lone individual who believed in himself and intended to make it happen made it a fact. Today it’s a qualifier.

Roger Bannister’s story shows it… What you intend is all that’s required.


What You Intend Is All That's Required  by Ted Ciuba.

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