What’s different between The NEW Think And Grow Rich and the original Think And Grow Rich? Well, first off, The NEW Think And Grow Rich, the whole concept, was brought about by the need created by the overwhelming progress and different ways, and social mores, and living and doing the same things. It gets it right on the universal principles, it had to be updated to remain relevant.

It had to have women in it, it had to have other races, it had to have nationalities, had to have more stories that are modern time case studies, examples, it… it needed all that. It got it.

And it had to go into neuro-linguistic programming. And it had to go into neuroscience, and it had to go into quantum physics, none of which those last three things existed at all when the original was written.

By the way, the 20 years of famous research that went into the original Think And Grow Rich was halfway finished the day black and white day the U.S. entered World War I in 1917. America’s most famous aviator of that war, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, was flying a bi-wing, open cockpit plane. Such progress!

Science, flight, and personal development all have followed the same path of progress.

And then people ask, “Well, now you have written The NEW Think And Grow Rich, and now you’ve got the revised edition, what’s different in that?”

I can tell you what’s different there, too. There’s actually 21% fewer pages, 42% changed content. See, there’s been a lot of market interchange… Activity and people telling me what they liked and what meant something to them. As well, what turned out to be distracting. So we did a lot of cleanup and tuneup.

We recast and re-named four of the 13 principles. For instance there’s now Knowing Belief, Programming, Passion, and HoloMagic, none of which were in the original, and only two of which were in the first version of The NEW Think And Grow Rich.

Certainly, the biggest difference is the usable treatment of neuro-linguistic programming, neuro science – how the brain works and how to use it, and quantum physics – how the world works and how to influence it.

Bottom line: with these sciences – neuro-linguistic programming, neuro-science, and quantum physics – we now have the language to speak of things that before required borrowing from the mystic’s repertoire… Which seldom meets with wide acceptance.

Napoleon Hill had way more to say than he ever permitted himself to say, for those reasons…

Those reasons don’t exist for us. Today, it’s science.


What's Different About The New Think And Grow Rich by Ted Ciuba,

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