Joyce Barrie: The New Think And Grow Rich is all about getting wealthy. So why doesn't everyone who gets the book get wealthy? Certainly not everyone will.

Ted Ciuba: No, certainly not everyone will. And this, by the way, is what the people in government use to justify their logic… Is when you say something like, "Anybody can get wealthy,"  they’ll say, "Well, wait a minute! Statistics don’t prove that out," right?

Joyce Barrie: Right, right, right.The New Think and Grow Rich

Ted Ciuba: But I say anybody of ordinary capacity can get wealthy if they will read the book and act on it. The biggest problem we have is, number one, most people don’t even read the book. Fewer than 10% of books are ever even read past the first chapter. Now how do you get the message out of that?

Second, reading styles is very hard. On a page, it’s just nothing but squiggles; you’ve got to do a lot of hard mental interpretation. And so therefore audio, or we have even programs where we take them through, is easier.

So, you gotta have desire, you gotta want it, you gotta have determination, you’ve gotta enter it, get the instructional material and then… Oh yeah, it’s think and grow rich. But really, conceptually, it’s more like think strategically, act, and grow rich.

Joyce Barrier: Yes, Ted, you definitely hit the nail on the head. People read books, people go to classes, people get a coach, but unless they take the actions required, they’re just stuck in their someday situation.

Someday I’ll act on it, someday I’ll get to it, someday I’ll check out this website.

That’s why I wrote this poem for all of you someday people.

(An Original Poem by
Joyce E. Barrie)
I went to my calendar
and took a look
I discovered that "someday"
Was not in the book.

I looked carefully,
for "someday", I did seek,
but only Monday through Sunday
appeared on each week.

I got really confused–
this was not funny.
I always said "someday"
I'd make very good money.

I always said "someday"
I'd get everything done.
I always said "someday"
I'd be number 1.

I always said "someday"
this and "someday" that;
"Someday" is starting to sound
like very old hat.

I became very sure
that something was wrong;
No "someday" on my calendar
all along.
I thought everything I wanted
would come to be.
It would happen "someday"
I kept telling me.

It was "someday"
I kept telling you
That all our dreams
were sure to come true.

How shocking to discover
that all along
"Someday" was not in the calendar
How could I be so wrong?

How could I not know
that why I was stuck?
Was that "someday"
would never, ever show up!!!
There wasn't a calendar anywhere,
none to be found
that had "someday" in it.
It would never come around!

I always knew that
if something is going to be
I am totally responsible–
It's all up to me.

I thought of my goals
and made a new list.
How exciting to realize that
"someday" did not exist.

Now I really know,
without any doubt
that Monday through Sunday is in
and "someday" is out.

So, I ask you women,
I ask you men,
I ask myself,
if not right now–when???


For you YouTubealolics go to think act grow rich