http://ThinkRich.com Teaching the public domain version of Think & Grow Rich was a disaster. They saw a book written in antiquated, King James-like language, like trying to read Shakespeare. Impossible.

That's what they saw.

It was not a disaster whenever I taught from a stage, or from the workshops, but when I gave them the manuscript, and now remember I’m going all over the world, not just America, what did they see? They saw a book written in antiquated, almost King James-like language, almost like trying to read Shakespeare or Chaucer. Impossible. That's what they saw.

And then, when they could somehow get past that, they didn’t connect with a lot of the technology. I mean the book was… Well, let me put it like this… Fifty percent (50%) of the research that went into the book was finished the black and white day America entered World War I.

America’s most famous aviator during that war flew an open cockpit, bi-wing plane. That’s what we were looking at in the original.

And you had to be white, American, male, and none of that was sitting with people, oh my!

But wait! A staggering thought occurred to me. And the moment it occurred to me, I kid you not, I dove under my desk, down my left side… It was that scary and out of proportion to anything I'd ever conceived of in relation to this fabled work before…

And that staggering thought was this…

"Look, the book is in public domain. Why don’t you update it?"

And so I did.

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