Why write a “new” Think And Grow Rich?

You might very logically ask why I would write a “new” Think And Grow Rich.

After all, one would assume that Napoleon Hill wrote the book as he wanted it.

Further, the original is the most highly respected single book in the huge personal development industry.

And I admit, at first exposure the very idea  of rewriting the greatest success classic of all time sounds like some fruit from California announcing he’s re-written the Bible! It did to me, the first time I ever considered doing it.

However, looking at it correctly – wouldn’t it be amazing if a “how to” manual didn’t need updating after 70+ years of service? What other body of knowledge and practice has not progressed dramatically during those intervening years? Can the science of personal achievement be any different?

The original Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has so many celebrated testimonials that if you put the pages together head-to-toe they’d circle the Earth 7 times at the equator! :)

Bob Proctor, an icon in the personal development field, travels with a copy of the book that looks like a bible – as well he might revere it, because he says:

“I’ve been studying Think and Grow Rich for more than 40 years. I take it with me everywhere I go. It took me from being a $6,000 a year fireman to more than a million dollars a few years later.”

If you’ve ever been involved in a positive thinking or sales organization you already have been lead to embrace the original Think and Grow Rich. Network marketers, marketers, sales persons, Insurance and Real Estate personnel, investors, and anyone who wants to get ahead using universal principles of mind-power and success have sworn by it for years!

It’s called…

“The book that launched a million millionaires!”

And The New Think and Grow Rich is the NEW VERSION of the celebrated Think and Grow Rich...

You owe it to yourself to grab this book just because you know about the power the original had!…

But this one – though based on the same universal framework Napoleon Hill discovered – is absolutely new and… Well, quantum!

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