http://ThinkRich.com When we talk about making the quantum income leap we’re not talking about working harder. Working harder actually is an impediment. It will impede you, it will stop… it will foil your efforts. Doing more of the same even if that’s what led you to excellence at the level you are, won’t get you to the next level.

You see, you could be focused on the wrong means. The goal may be worthy, but if you’re trying to do more – the most you can do is a little beep incremental improvement.

Albert Einstein’s observation applies here…

“Insanity is when you continue to do the same thing and you continue to expect to get different results.”

See, you’ve got to do something different – qualitatively different.

Price Pritchett tells a story in his excellent book, You2 (pronounced You-Squared). He’s up at Millcroft Inn, in the woods outside Toronto and he’s working in a little cabin. He’s working on a manuscript…

And there’s a fly. And that fly is trying to get out the window… Guess he can’t see the window is closed. Not working too well. So backs up and gets a running start, and crashes into the window at high speed. And his headache begins.

You know trying harder, and harder… and he can see freedom… harder. And he backs up even further the next time, and from a higher spot further away dives with intensity for that freedom outside the window… And makes another brain jolting crash into the glass.

Now, whatever gave that fly the fixed lock that was the only route to freedom? That route – although he’s not acting that way ,I mean he’s trying, he’s energetic – that route is doomed to fail. And the cleaning lady tomorrow will sweep the legs up carcass of a fly down off the window sill.

Doomed to fail.

When less than 10 feet away in the opposite direction there’s beautiful weather through the open door! Easy flying space. Not really doing anything harder at allllll.

Just putting the mind in a place where it can take a look and see what options there really are, because you can’t continue to do the same thing and have the freedom and the richness that can be yours!


Working Harder Will Foil Your Efforts by Ted Ciuba,

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