As a four time literature student I have some strong opinions. I’ve read a lot. And this quantum leap in human terms, this discontinuous advance, I’ve found through my studies, the hero always is committed.

Now, it doesn’t mean the hero isn’t feeling feelings that put him or her on high awareness. It doesn’t mean the hero doesn’t have to go and face odds beyond what the normal people sleeping in their villages are capable of. Doesn’t mean that at all. It means the hero has to go in, face adversity, best it, and triumph over it.

Do you want to know a secret? You know how a dog knows when you’re afraid?… Well, the quantum leap knows when you’re afraid, too.

And if you’re afraid, you know what the dog does, even though, if you’re not afraid you know what the dog doesn’t do…

And you must enter the quantum leap with boldness, conviction, and the inner confidence of a champion! Like Tiger Woods in his day – he went to the golf course knowing he was going to win. And he did.

Boldness, conviction and the inner confidence of a champion. The quantum leap demands it.

This is what it means: make a decision, commit to it, go forward on it in intention, belief, and boldness… That’s how you stimulate the quantum leap wherein you make seemingly effortless explosive performance and income gains without trudging the incremental steps in-between.

There’s a saying, “It’s scary to play big,” and, of course, entering new territory, there always will be surprises… Trust in yourself, you already have everything you need… Everything.

It’s yours for the taking.


You Must Enter The Quantum Leap With Boldness by Ted Ciuba,

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