What you need to do is make a qualitative change. Now that’s the scientific communications studies’ term. Chambliss, Weick and Browning, they’ve all said it, from observing and training athletes. Not only athletes, Olympic athletes.

How do they make a performance jump, a leap from one level to another? It’s not by doing more of the same, more of the same would be more exercises, more runs up and down the court, more baskets, more reps, whatever it is. At best, that would only facilitate incremental improvement, within a performance level.

Jumping to a higher level?

It’s by doing something qualitatively different. A difference in their technique that includes a difference in their set. A difference in the way they enter the water – with stillness, poise, and more concentration. Qualitative change is what you’re looking for.

Think of that when we talk; think of that when you ask about decision and decisiveness.

You ask, “Can I do it?”

If you are looking for great rewards, you will do it!


You Must Make A Qualitative Change by Ted Ciuba,

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