I can tell you how I feel about it – you need to read the Quantum Version of The NEW Think And Grow Rich. I can tell you because… You know how they say “action speaks louder than words”? Watch.

I was in Panamá, in a place called La Chorrera. I went to visit a friend I haven’t seen for several years, and I brought a copy of the Quantum Version of The NEW Think And Grow Rich. I gifted her with it, she thanks me, and she goes off to trot back with a copy of the earlier one from several years back.

That was really kool… And since she was the first one in all the world to ever approach me with both versions in her hand, we snapped a quick photo.

We’re at a family gathering. It’s Sunday afternoon, and Moisés, one of the other guys there, looks at both books and asks Neira if he can borrow and read the prior one. (Of course he did that because he was certain she wouldn’t lend out her new gift.J)

He’s interested in quantum leaps… We’ve been talking about física quantica (quantum physics), and he’s interested in neuro science, and how it applies to achieving excellence, so he asks that.

And I say, “Ah, no, no, no, no, you don’t! Give me your email address and I’ll get you a digital copy right away.”

I didn’t have another physical one on me, so I promised, “I’ll get you the right one you want to read.”

There are so many improvements in the revised edition! Don’t forget there’s five years of market interchange that strengthens the revised edition.

It is properly sensitive to women, other races, other nationalities, and modern people in the modern world. There’s 21% fewer pages and 42% changed content. I renamed and recast 4 of the 13 original principles, and brought things forward to today’s evolved understanding and utilization of quantum physics, neuroscience, and neurolinguistic programming. And so much, much more…

So do yourself a favor, get and read the revised edition of The NEW Think And Grow Rich today.


You Need To Read The Quantum Version Of The New Think And Grow Rich  by Ted Ciuba,

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