Welcome into one of the most magical weeks in Quantum Leap Mind Training, Session #5, an exploration of “Imagination” in the Think Rich philosophy as developed by Napoleon Hill…

You wouldn’t necessarily pick it up with your conscious mind, but, underneath, over, above, and interwoven in with the sophisticated devices of neuro-synergist sound technology®, this session is a masterpiece of applied neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

If you’ve developed your awareness in that field, you might like to try – as hard as it might be – a “conscious” listen through the session…

Indeed, the experience helps you develop your creative imagination, like the great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets, and writers before you have done.

This session guides you through an experience in which you re-ignite your imagination.

As you can imagine, no matter how many times you’ve previously read it, you’ll derive optimal benefit by reading The New Think And Grow Rich at a pace matching your progress through Quantum Leap Mind Training.

This chapter, for instance, filled with examples and case studies of the magic element and how it works, imagination, can be especially fruitful…

After all, you can build a fortune through the aid of laws that are immutable, once you become familiar with them and learn to use them.

And the experience of Quantum Leap Mind Training session # 5, “Imagination” helps you assume that role you may not of even known you had the capacity to exercise, using, of all things, your imagination, like you’ve been taught was so important. But they really weren’t able to help you develop it…

After and in conjunction with this session, read the case studies and analyses in chapter 5, of individuals stumped during their day, by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, which they surmounted with magic imagination.

Wake to the drama inside the stories of such individuals with nothing but imagination who changed history, such as:

  • Asa Candler
  • Henry Ford
  • Frank W. Gunsaulus
  • Walt Disney
  • Ray Kroc
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs

Discover that you are the prime mover in your universe…

Discover the truth; it is mind in matter, and not “mind over matter,” as popularly miscoined…

The experiences of this Quantum Leap Mind Training session coupled with your thoughtful self-analysis when you read the relevant chapter leads you to the understanding of and mastery of some of the most advanced teachings in the entire Think Rich philosophy.

To wit:

You work HoloCosm the same way you work yourself,
And in working yourself, you work HoloCosm.

And then there’s…

HoloCosm works itself through psychokinesis.
SupbraConscious takes form through synchronicity.

There should be a suble energy brewing – no more than a subtle vibration you feel and seem to hear, but can't quite… Tell me how it feels so oddly familiar, isn't it?

You are developing the sensitivitivities, skills, and abilities that let you embrace and manifest your own, unique definite chief aim in life…

And there’s so much more…

Embrace yourself, my friend!

As always, travel well!