How would now be the best time for the most important secret you could comprehend?

The leading personal achievement scientists reach the same conclusion:

How do you design an interpretation system that motivates people?

Answer: help people frame the world as a series of opportunities rather than as a series of threats.    (Weick and Browning)

Hmm… A series of opportunities rather than a series of threats…

This is the message mythic literature of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table shows. That – and they were, of course, attempting to inculcate these values in us as readers – what you commit to doing only death will stop you from doing it.

They had to have an adventure a day. Every single day. It wasn’t they were willing, but would really prefer a day without adventure, no, they were actively engaging in life, resourceful, capable, confident to handle all.

They wanted to go out and get involved in it.

So, the question about motivating yourself lies in the think part of the equation of think to grow rich.

How do you live? Well, you certainly don't live fully when you're living in fear, doubt, and overwhelm. You do it by assuming a paradigm that embraces in rhythm the always changing, rapidly moving environment.

Yes, the scientists say, "help people frame the world"… Ultimately, amongst us… What that means is you simply decide. It's best said as you assume the new you – and from that point forward, that's the way it is.

You live, move, and act as the person whose identity, habits, and persona who've adopted. You are that person. You be.

Try out these two different engagements to a significant change in environment…

Threatened, fearful…

"What's this gonna do to me?.."

Or alert, fluid, capable:

"Oh, changing environment! What does this mean? What's my best strategy now?"

An adventure a day… Threat into opportunity. It’s in your power to charge or re-charge the way you characterize the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," to quote Shakespeare, that come at us all.

Disempowering, fearful? Or empowering, fluid, ready to rock!


A Series Of Opportunities Rather Than A Series Of Threats by Ted Ciuba,

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