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Here it is written out, should you like to copy and past anything. 🙂

Certainly, in a work of this nature, thoroughly in the tradition of awakened, volitional, designed excellence in which Napoleon Hill stands by most counts as the leading light…

Venerated Napoleon Hill, I acknowledge you, above all!

That you searched soundly and found the font of the universal principles of achievement that apply equally in sports, arts, professions, business, or life success is certain.

Speaking of the same themes in the modern experience of our audience, introducing much of great benefit, elucidation, and power to the tradition, especially as we express it and coach it with the benefits quantum physics and neuroscience bring humanity, we do so at your specific request.

Because your message always was and is and will be a spiritual message. We each, individually, and collectively as nations and as a single human family inhabiting Earth create the world we experience by the thoughts we foster in our minds.

Acknowledging you seems so little I can do, nevertheless, it is what I can do.

And I further pledge, as I carry forward my leg, to do as you and the tradition inspire me do, to broadcast that while quantum transmutation is by all accounts a mysterious, miraculous thing to the semiconscious and uneducated, the real secret lies in the subconscious apprehension of something unseen and unspoken.

Choice and consequence is not some optional marvel. It is decreed and is already in play. Acquiring and applying consciousness IS quantum transmutation, that holomagic c2 factor.

I AM, Ted Ciuba


Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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